Sergey Tolmachev

Java and Scala Programmer, take out things from high shelves and do it with pleasure

About Me

I believe that my experience will help ensure the success of your project.

My Career
2011 was launched

My first project was launched - Bitcoin online exchange. A few months to support the project was carried out hundreds of operations, service is not just covered in the popular media as one of the first bitcoin services in Russia, taking bitkoiny. I decided to get deeper into the programming and the fate of the project passed to other hands.

Education at EPAM Systems

About the center

The training was very interesting, I met with a lot of experienced programmers and have fun with other students learned the basics of programming.


Work at Aspect systems

Java/Scala programmer

December 2012 - May 2013

My first real experience of working in an office. Great office, new computers, and most importantly - a good team that can and should develop. I started to feel confident in enterprise web development with the help of friends. Max, Kirill, hello! :)


School of youth entrepreneurship

Interesting project, learned a lot of interesting information, met the nicest bunch of potential and actual entrepreneurs. Once we realize all our dreams, we just have to believe.

Work at iAge

NodeJS programmer

December 2013 - ...

I joined a team of experienced programmers disparate, interesting project and pleasant environment, what else is needed for productive work? :)





    Use our electronic currency Bitcoin into rubles.

  • SmartCraft


    The bot to automatically create items in the MMORPG game

  • TEP


    Custom trigger extender plugin - plug parser Advanced Combat Tracker, greatly enhances the user-defined triggers

  • EQ2 Auction Log Reader

    С++ (Qt)

    The large log file parser MMORPG games


Training Center EPAM Systems

Software development on the Java platform


The program generates a set of knowledge and skills that meet the qualifications of engineering software development on the Java platform industrial level. The program forms the knowledge and practical skills in the following areas: industrial production process software development process, technological aspects of the software development platform Java. The program consists of thematic modules, which form a systematic approach to solving the problems of software development platform Java.

Ryazan State Radio Engineering University

Software computer technology


The specifically tailored to work in the areas of databases, intelligent software systems, multimedia technologies and software systems for various applications. Students receive basic training in mathematics, develop technology of structural, procedural and modular, functional, object-oriented parallel and visual programming. Graduates of 230,105 - is highly skilled programmers for organizations and businesses.

My skills


My development experience in object-oriented languages ​​for more than three years. Now Im sure I know the answer to the question: "What object is different from the class?" :)

I am open to all new!

I try to keep up with modern approaches and technologies in software development. Harvested food for the mind of the articles, books, documentation, blogs.



Communication - this is the key to personal and professional success!